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Blu3 DAO

empowering women, nonbinary, and allies to learn, earn, and play in web3

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Our mission

Blu3 stands for Blue to Fly.

Blu3 DAO’s mission is to empower women to achieve financial freedom through learning, exploring and building their careers in the Web3 space. Our goal is to grow and diversify the crypto ecosystem by focusing on an end-to-end solution that is fair and frictionless. This includes onboarding, education and direct deployment of women talents into Web3 – as users and leaders. We are an ALL-inclusive DAO, and open our arms to women, non-binary, and allies.


Learn bleeding-edge skills in web3 through hackathons and technical workshops: cryptocurrency, blockchain development, tokenomics and more.

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Earn sustainable income by contributing to our DAO. You can earn tokens and NFTs through open bounties and participating in our scholarship program.

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We have one life to live, let's do it right. Blu3 empowers you to live your life true to yourself and to pursue your passions. It's never too late!

Blu3 DAO: 
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Onboarding women to web3

Blu3 Scholarships

Blu3 Scholarships aim to create a lifelong network of women, non-binary, and allies building in the Blu3 DAO ecosystem through global hackathon/conference scholarship opportunities. We fund travel and accommodation for talented builders in web3, or people interested in transitioning to web3. We leverage the unique abilities of our scholars to build for Blu3 DAO & to expand our sponsor ecosystems.

Apply to our New York Scholarship!
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Building community around the world

Blu3 Events

Blu3 Events enable Blu3 DAO to thrive by engaging our community and designing impactful events aimed at increasing community participation. Our events are carefully curated to fit the needs and desires of the local community. Our events are also a great way for us to collaborate with other web3 communities.

Register for Blu3 Day NYC
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Make Learning web3 Fun

Blu3 Education

Blu3 Education delivers cutting-edge web3 experiential learning. Members will be trained on how to learn, earn and play in the web3 space. The program will support members with educational talks, technical workshops, and bootcamps during their entire metamorphosis. We want to encourage web3 growth from Cocoon (Beginner) to Caterpillar (Intermediate) to Butterfly (Advanced).

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Stronger together

Blu3 DAO Alliance

The Blu3 DAO Alliance is on a mission to support our treehouse of DAOs in getting the tools, resources, coaching and guidance they need to thrive. We are stronger together and we look to utilize the power of a group to help us problem solve and create solutions for our respective DAO's growth. It’s a place for founders, leads and core contributors to gather on a regular basis and grow together.

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"Seems like I lived ten years of friendship in ten days."

Blu3 Scholar

About the ETHRio Scholarship

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"Blu3 DAO really helps make sure we can do it all, in a short period of time. Really impressed by the organization and flexibility when issues were encountered. Seem to be really receptive to live feedback and act upon it immediately."

Blu3 Scholar

About the Activate Miami Scholarship

"I loved how everyone is really helpful and will go out of their way to make sure you are ok. Everyone is super intelligent and I love how they work hard to achieve their goals. It's great to have a safe space in this male dominated industry."

Blu3 Scholar

About the Activate Miami Scholarship

"What I liked the most was the feeling of belonging, I felt at home sharing dreams and I learned that the impossible is a word that does not exist in this group."

Blu3 Scholar

About the Blu3 ETHDenver Scholarship

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and partners!

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